Ready to send cases

You need to create an account on this web site
You will receive, by e-mail within 1 working day, a FedEx or UPS shipping label, to use for your first shipment. We will send you more shipping labels with your first case delivery
Rx forms are available on this web site, (or you can use your own Rx form, if it is more convenient to you), and must be filled out completely, any missing information on the Rx, might delay the case.
Place all components for each case in a plastic bag (zip-bloc, etc…)
If multiple cases are being sent, please make sure that each case is easily identifiable.
Please put as many cases as you can into one box (use any box that you have, including boxes from other labs)
If more than one box is necessary, please tape the boxes together to obtain only one package.
Place the shipping label on the outside of the box.
To avoid Pickup charges to you, simply give the package to a FedEx or UPS driver, even at the time of a delivery to you, or you may also take the box at a FedEx or UPS shipping store or authorized shipping outlet.
When we receive your shipment, each case will be enter in our system, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for each case.

All invoices must be paid in full on or before the 10th of the following month they are prepared. For paymentswe accept Credit cards (Visa,Mastercard, American Express), Checks and Money order.